5 Practical Tips to Help Your Child Practice Early Math Concepts

Mathematics  is everywhere and that’s great news for parents because you get to talk to your kids about maths in fun & natural ways. And that kind of math concepts is important for children.

Learning maths is similar to building a pyramid. It is not only about the online mock tests or practice sets with complicated algorithms. Most of the students find math problems difficult because they don’t get proper math education in their childhood.

A lack of maths knowledge affects cognitive development in different areas of life. Developing math skills in early childhood has a direct impact on one’s future success. Thus, parents have a vital role to play when it comes to their kid’s mathematics potential.

How to Improve Your Child’s Maths Skills?

If children don’t develop mathematical skills while they are young, it becomes difficult to understand the advanced concepts later on.

Any student’s education starts at home. The fundamental education that a student receives from his/her parent helps them to do better in online mock tests, practice sets, board exams, and competitive exams.

Here is how parents can help to improve their child’s math skills.

1. Stay in Touch with Your Kid’s Math Teacher

First things first, with the increase in online coaching classes, practice mock test papers, and mock exams, kids spend a lot of time with their online teachers.

Being a parent, you have to be open and honest with your kid’s math teacher. Co-operate with them and help your kid to overcome their math problems without any issue.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Know this, children love technology, especially their gadgets. Don’t be the kind of a parent that bans technology because right now it is the best option to help your kid learn and grow.

Let them test out their curiosity and beneficially use technology. Encourage them to find new and cool maths games, math riddles, and problems from the internet.

Child's Maths Skills

There are a lot of online platforms and apps developed for this purpose. You can customize math problems and questions for your kids using Prep.Study, to indulge them into practicing more maths questions.

3. Turn the Maths Problems for Kids to Play

Don’t let your children memorize math problems because maths doesn’t work that way. Instead, empower them to think and use their reasoning skills to find the answers.

A good practice to promote is not using the calculator and instead, try to make calculations in mind. This will help your child to reinforce concepts quicker.

You can also try and create stories behind the maths problems to encourage them to interestingly handling math problems. This will turn the math problems into a creative form of play and your child will want to solve them more.

Math problems are present everywhere in our lives. As a parent, you are constantly with your child. Thus, you can turn real-life experiences into maths exercises for kids.

For instance, while shopping, discuss the price and amounts. This will help your child in mathematical thinking. Encourage them to tackle more than only what is assigned in a mock exam, mock test, or an online practice set.

4. Let Your Child Teach You Math

This is a great way to help your child in learning math. When your child asks you a question that you can’t answer, explain to them that you are stuck and ask your kid to figure it out so that they can try to explain it to you. Even if they explain a little bit, it will spark insights that will encourage them to finish it on their own.

Child Practice Early Math Concepts

5. Understand You Kid’s Strengths

The only thing that you should never do as a parent is comparing your kid with his/her peers. This is very harmful to their growth and development.

Remember that every child has got their own needs and ways of learning. Even if your kid couldn’t perform well in an online mock test, or a practice test, or even a real competitive exam, don’t panic.

Instead, try and help them find their weaknesses and encourage them to rectify them. It is neither your fault nor your kid’s fault if they need more coaching, test preparation, or mock exams.

Child Practice Early Math Concepts

Don’t be judgemental because that breaks their confidence to prepare again and do better. Encourage them no only to be successful in getting good grades but also to be happy.

How Can You Use Prep.Study to Help Your Child in Maths?

As we said, being a parent, try to explore and find out what kinds of math questions interest them. Once you find it out, create customized math mock test exams or practice sets based on their interests.

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You can monitor the progress of your kid’s performance and create scheduled mock exams to increase practice in their weak areas of Mathematics. Thus, you can plan in a much better way for your kid’s board and competitive exams.

Finally, when you choose Prep.Study, you will be joining the pan-India network of parents and teachers who help children achieve their academic excellence.