5 Problems with Timed Online Exams and How Prep.Study Helps in Mitigating Them

There is no denying the fact that most of our houses are now a place for an office, a school, and a residence hall. A lot of us might think that it is a privilege for students to learn everything, take online mock tests, practice sets and keep on practicing right from the comfort of their homes.

However, unfortunately, things are not how it looks like. Despite the privileges, a lot of students feel trouble learning properly through online coaching classes. They don’t have enough options for practice sessions and get advice from experienced teachers.

This is especially true for the board exams and competitive exams. As a teacher, you must have seen a lot of students struggling with online exams, mock tests, and practice tests. Timed online exams are becoming a problem for students.

A lot of teachers and even parents think that timed online exams will increase the efficiency of a student. While that is true, but it is only possible when the student has a strong grip on a subject.

In the post-pandemic era, online mock tests are becoming the new normal. Schools are not yet fully operational. Now, under these circumstances, it is not a good idea to indulge students in timed online practice sets, especially when the student is learning a subject for the first time.

online practice sets for students

Here are the reasons why teachers should avoid choosing timed online practice sets for students.

1. Timed Online Practice Sets Create Unnecessary Pressure

Post pandemic, the first thing that any teacher needs to do is avoid any form of teaching methodology that could give stress. Thus, it is better to avoid the timed online mock tests or practice sets.

Timed online exams create stress. Yes, not for every student in every exam. But it causes stress for enough students for enough exams. Even if everything in the online test exam is normal and supportive, yet timed exams can create stress.

Remember that a stressed-out brain can never learn properly. Thus, teachers should refrain from adding timed mock test sessions in different online classes.

2. Bandwidth Problems

Remember that not every student in India has got superfast internet connectivity. A huge number of students have to depend on cellular network services.

Thus, bandwidth issues can bring performance challenges. With the timed online exams or mock tests, especially those exams that show only one question on a page, the bandwidth and performance issues are deadly for the test-taker.

Can you imagine the exam time ticking down as the students wait for the questions to load up?

Bandwidth Problems

3. Timed Online Exams are Poorly Correlated with Understanding

As we mentioned earlier, the timed online exams or timed mock tests are perfect to judge the student’s level of preparation. But it is perfect only when the student is already prepared for the exam.

The timed exams measure the capability of a student to answer quickly but it doesn’t assess the understanding or knowledge of a student. There is no correlation between the recall speed and understanding of a subject.

It is not true that students who can answer faster are smarter than students who need time to think a bit before answering. The ability to prepare for an exam quickly is not a measure of diligence or mastery.

4. Doesn’t Protect Against Unethical Measures

A lot of times we hear that teachers assign timed exams to prevent cheating. The idea behind this is, students will not have enough time to use unethical means if they are restricted within a limited timeframe.

However, this is a complete myth. The reality is, if students want to use unethical means, they will find a way to do it. Instead, a better idea is to promote the honor code amongst students.

Putting up an honor code and talking about the reasons behind taking the exams in the right way is a much better option in an online session. It will inculcate a positive mindset amongst the students.

5. Timed Online Exams Place Undue Burden on Students Who Need Learning Accommodations

Yes, most of the teachers and schools indeed take the necessary steps to make sure that students with identified learning support get the extra time for the timed online exams.

However, it is also true that the task of getting extra time for the exams is more difficult in a remote learning environment.

There is a gap between those students who are allowed extra time in an exam and those who would benefit from the additional time in an online coaching environment.

Students or parents who are savvy navigators of the education system, use the necessary means to secure extra time. Those with lesser resources may not be on anyone’s list of students entitled to accommodations.

Timed Online Exams

How Prep.Study Can Help a Teacher to Mitigate the Problems of Timed Online Sessions?

  1. Prep.Study is a completely FREE online platform where you can create customized tests for students. The best part is, students can take the test anywhere and anytime and get advice from teachers. There is no restriction on time. The mock tests and practice set of Prep.Study is created in such a way that every student will have more than enough time to complete the exams. Thus, empowering them to practice them in a stress-free way.
  2. Another important aspect of Prep.Study is our online mock test platform is optimized so that it works perfectly fine even on cellular internet connectivity. We have already mentioned the bandwidth problems for students who don’t have access to high-speed internet. The platform of Prep.Study is optimized to be accessible for everyone and everywhere regardless of the kind of internet service they use. Thus, Prep.Study mitigates the bandwidth problems for timed online exams.
  3. Prep.Study is such a platform where, as teachers, you can share your guidance and advice with the students. If you feel the need to offer personalized attention or care to students who need it, you can easily do that through our platform because there is no restriction of time. There is no burden on students who need additional learning accommodations. Thus, teachers can allow students to take their time to repeatedly work on the weak areas to improve their performance.
  4. As a teacher you will have the facility to track the progress of students and guide them on ethically completing their tests. Thus, a student will be more encouraged towards enhancing the knowledge and skills for competitive exams instead of seeking unethical means to complete the test due to time shortage.

Finally, when you choose Prep.Study, you shall join a pan-India network of teachers and parents who help children in achieving their academic excellence.