Competitive Exam Questions – Everything to know about the smart study

Preparation is something that is required for everything in life. It might be for exams or for any event. Exams are something that is full of surprises; it is not in our hands. But preparation is in our hands, so smart preparation is required before exams.

We all have experienced that during the preparation of exams we go through a lethargic mood, especially during mock test practice. Think of finishing a chapter today but at the end of the day, the result is null. We keep on lingering for the next day but finally, that next day doesn’t come.

At the best level of preparation, we think of studying hard but our minds fetch on something else and fool around. One who is preparing for competitive exams needs to follow some tips and tactics for smart study.

Here are a few tips for smart study.

Revision of subject at intervals

Suppose you have studied a chapter and have learned some keywords and need to memorize them. Just repeat them and revise in your mind, at intervals before mock test practice and check that whether you remember or not. If you don’t remember then just visit the chapter and mark them down in your copy. Revision always helps you to remember.

Understand the concept

If you are clear with your concept of understanding then it is very easy to memorize. The base should be crystal clear because mugging things without understanding will not help. Even it takes a long time to memorize. For Arithmetic calculations, practice is required to avoid mistakes.

Easy way to Memorize

Apart from mock test papers, sometimes to memorize something we need to adopt a story that helps us to memorize fast. Suppose if we forget any important date or certain keywords, we need to follow a pattern. This pattern helps our brain to mark up those points better than the original.

Practice of Mock test papers

The practice of mock test papers and appearing free mock tests online makes one perfect. It helps the candidate in time management. It coaches a candidate to finish their papers within a stipulated time frame. Helps candidate to finish their papers on time and gets an idea of how much time they should allow for each paper.

Audio-visual technique

Along with free mock tests, now we can opt for any audio-visual technique that helps one to remember. By listening to a subject in a story form we remember it more efficiently. Even watching a video on a subject helps us to learn and understand them effectively.

Online classes

Apart from mock test practice, today we learn things online by watching audiovisual substances even before a practice mock test series. Even the classes are now online there is a system of recording classes. It helps you to refer your class to what has been taught so that you can remember and learn at any point in time.

Take a break

Take breaks between your studies. If one studies for a long time without taking a break it becomes monotonous. To maintain concentration one needs to relax their mind in between by taking small breaks. A prolonged study creates inefficiency and drowsy. The smart study insists on studying for 6-8 hours daily.

Regular study

Follow and maintain a timetable, practice studying regularly. Revision of subjects required, practice, and revision make one perfect. Regular 6-8 hours of study required. Revision of the subject helps you to understand your level of preparation. Focus on the mistakes that you have committed earlier and try not to repeat them.

Practice mock test series

 This practice for the preparation of competitive exams makes you perfect. Note down the earlier mistakes and make sure you don’t commit the same mistakes. By practicing this mock test series helps you to identify your mistakes and correct them.

Focus and concentration

Along with practice mock test series, practice meditation and yoga regularly to maintain your concentration level. Focus on your health, have healthy food, and sleep for 6-8 hours daily. Increase your concentration level by practicing yoga and meditation which even improves your cognitive skill. It helps in improving your concentration and in cognitive development.

Smart study

When the power of concentration increases your learning capacity increases. This makes you more efficient and confident. This helps you to focus on your goals and achieve success. Cognitive development helps you to study sincerely and skillfully. The smart study includes revision, the practice of online mock test papers, devote stipulated time for study.

Study sincerely and focus on your mistakes so that you don’t repeat the same. Practice free online tests, learn from your mistakes, and check your standard of preparation. Learn time management and apply it while you solve your online test papers, implement audio-visual techniques.

Follow a timetable and specific pattern to memorize, understand the concept while you learn. Taking a break while studying doesn’t go for an extensive period of studying. Focus, while studying and make a habit of revising your subject daily.