Competitive Exam Preparation – Adaptive Role of a Teacher in the Classroom for the Future

At the present day where learning has taken a different route, with all the techniques and methods getting changed, everyone is yet to be acquainted with the new systems. School-level education, especially those in higher classes, or occupied with competitive exam preparation, flipping from one mock test paper to another, are the ones who need to adapt quickly.

But one good thing has come out of this mishap. It is the experience about how learning and teaching are going to be in the future.

Evolution of Practice 

For years now, we all have seen how preparations and studying were from physical books. But now, owing to the situation and availability of materials, mock test practice, is beyond the pages of a book. Mock test papers are available on the web. Thus. the preparation of a student is not limited to whether they are going to find books or not.

Updating the Preparation Process 

Also, there are tons of mock online tests, which have taken the preparation even further. Offline practice papers have become a thing of the past. Even the need to sit down with an exercise copy has subsided greatly.

The teachers of the future will also most likely rely on these. Because it also helps to make the students independent of the exclusive materials that the teacher has access to. Now, study materials can all be shared with a click.

Role of the teacher 

The role of a future teacher will be mainly to use technology for the best of the students. To put that in a detailed manner, future education might include non-classroom programs. Here the teacher no longer uses a textbook, but pdf files, as is evident even now.

Local and Global

But the definitive role of a teacher will be more than just that. As education is becoming more global, the distinctive touch of the locality is fading slowly away. In other words, as we continue to learn about Greek history, we set aside the importance of the church. A teacher should ensure the education shared is as specific as it is broadly.

In an ideal world, teaching is more than facts and rules. It’s more about learning and knowing, and that should be a ‘focus area’.

Develop Thinking 

Additionally, the teacher should have a very detailed idea of the topic as well as facts that oppose it. In that way, the students can be presented with opinions and not hardbound rules. So they can think for themselves and come to a conclusion on their own. Of course, the teacher should guide them, but the better part of it should come from the students.

The teacher should be well versed in the subject. So that he/she can give tips, tricks, and facts for and against the motion. This approach will help the students understand better. Also from an examination perspective – both standard and competitive exam preparations will get interesting.


Apart from that, the teachers should also insist on frequent and short exams from time to time. Class tests act as a very good preparatory way of mock test practice. Like training before the actual match, mock exams can work a great deal for any student.

We all know the little quote, ‘Sweat more in practice, bleed less in war’, by Norman Schwarzkopf. We do understand the metaphorical meaning it implies on exam preparations too. The harder the mock test paper, the better you perform on the final exam, keeping in mind that you prepare well enough for the mock exams.

Dividing the tasks 

The teacher can even schedule mock online tests on weekends and teach during the week. So, students will get a break from the daily schedule and have some time to prepare for the exam. This is not only a great way of evaluation on a periodic basis, but also, since the entire system is online, the teacher can be at leisure while checking the papers. Therefore, it will increase the work hours by a little, and yet, the students will not feel overburdened. It is a win-win situation, it seems.

In a nutshell 

On a wide scale, the future role of a teacher is going to be much more definitive than what it is now. Presumably, even the examination techniques will develop and adapt with time, but as long as there are exams, so will the mock test practices continue to exist.

As for the young adults, just stepping into colleges, competitive exam preparations are going to be there as well, though it might get more planned and laid out so it does not get as jammed together as it is today.

Maybe with time, even competitive exams and standard exams could get completely online like the mock online tests, which will be a great way of evaluation since a lot of students suffer from the anxiety of sitting in a room full of people. In a nutshell, teaching in the future will evolve a lot from what it is today.