Competitive Exam Preparation – Here are the Best Ways to Avoid Silly Mistakes

Exams are something that cannot be avoided in life. It might be for any competitive exams or in our everyday life. We need to prepare ourselves and appear to it with confidence and belief. Exams are set to move forward in our careers and to achieve success in life.

We have experienced from our childhood that whenever exams arrive we felt sleepy and commit silly mistakes. At this point in time, we should be relaxed, have 6-8 hrs of sleep, drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet.

Here are a few guidelines to avoid mistakes in competitive exams preparation

Be relaxed in exam hall

Read the question paper thoroughly at least twice and maintain coolness. Many of them perform silly mistakes due to not reading the question paper carefully. First, you need to read it, understand it, and then solve it. If you have understood it and know the answers well then just relax and solve it. So that you may not miss any point while answering it.

Avoid preconceived concept

If you have come across such kinds of questions earlier in your mock test paper or during mock test practice. Then don’t get excited just relax and read the question carefully to avoid silly mistakes. It might be the examiners have modified the question paper with a trick. To avoid such kind of error you need to cool down and solve the paper. It helps you to solve it easily.

Practice free mock test /test online

Practice free mock test papers or appear for online tests to avoid mistakes in competitive exams.  These are the competitive exam preparations to be taken before appearing in any competitive exams. Free mock test practice papers are to be appeared prior to the mock test. The practice of these free test online papers makes a student confident and can gain self-belief.

Check while solving the paper

Avoid performing silly mistakes while appearing on the paper. Self-correction is required while you are solving it. Especially for your arithmetic calculations while making the calculations you need to be much more attentive and careful, re-check your calculations after solving them.

Mark the mistakes while performing the free test online

Preparing for competitive exams one needs to appear for free tests online. Availability of such free online tests, free mock test practice papers helps one to avoid, perform silly mistakes consecutively. Ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes consecutively.

You should identify your mistakes and mark them down so that you don’t make the same mistakes consecutively. As we know that one learns from their past mistakes. To avoid these kinds of silly mistakes one should appear for free online tests, free mock tests, and practice mock test papers.

Learn from your past mistakes

You must be alert and keep a track of your past mistakes so that you don’t perform the same mistakes. Take your mistakes seriously and improve them. Avoid committing the same mistakes and ensure that you concentrate and focus on your studies during the competitive exams preparation. This practice of mock test papers makes one perfect.

Clear concept

Don’t mug up without understanding the subject. The concept and the base for the subject should be clear. You must have a crystal clear understanding of the subject. Arithmetic practice is required to avoid calculation errors. Review your marked mistakes to get a clear view of the subject.

Follow time-table

Study 6-8 hours daily and keep a time for revision. Be focused and follow a specific timetable throughout for the preparation of competitive exams might be for IIT-JEE and NEET. Concentrate and focus while preparing for competitive exams. These exams are very important to attain your goals and success in your career.

Remember your marked mistakes

While appearing in any competitive exams you must remember your marked mistakes and be alert that you don’t repeat them. Revise your marked mistakes and correct them. After answering each question save and then opt for the next question. If you make any changes to your past questions don’t forget to save them.

Time Management

By practicing the mock test papers one becomes perfect in time management. When there is a packed time and you need to solve your papers in 3 hours. One has to perform accurately the right amount of practice of mock test papers within a stipulated time frame makes it easy for them to solve it. They get the idea of which question to be attempt first and how much time to be dedicated for each question.

Practice makes one perfect. So, start practicing the mock test papers appearing for the online tests and be keen to complete them within the stipulated time period. Learn from your past mistakes take them seriously and improve them.

Focus on studies, study sincerely, and to maintain your concentration level in the exam hall one must practice yoga and meditation. It is a self-help skill to improve concentration level and helps in cognitive development. Take care of your health, have healthy food, and sleep well. These guidelines help you to build confidence.