Competitive Exam Questions - The Best Ways to Prepare for Them

Most students take coaching for competitive exam preparation, but they are unable to take training courses. This article is about how to prepare for a competitive exam without any coaching. The competitive exam season has arrived and most of the candidates are trying their luck on all the government exams. The common question all candidates ask while competitive exam preparation is: Should I go ahead with the coaching or not? Well, a competitive exam can easily be cleared with proper planning and smart study techniques. Also, it is possible to crack these competitive exams without any training as well, but you need to perform self-study with proper strategy. In this article, I'll try to provide you with all the detailed information on how to prepare for a competitive exam without enrolling your name in any coaching classes.

Methods to start your competitive exam preparation without any coaching

Most of the coaching centres provide you with various types of tricks and shortcuts to solve any problem, but it should be understood that nothing in this world comes easy. The output in your competitive exams mainly depends on your self-study and confidence because nobody can understand your strengths and weaknesses except you. Basically, it is all about understanding the curriculum and strategizing accordingly.

Here are the Best 7 Strategies that will help you prepare for competitive exams without any coaching:

1. Understanding the Exam Syllabus:

It is the most important part of any exercise as every competitive exam has a set syllabus along with the previous year's questions to check out the exam pattern and level of difficulty. Firstly, check out the notifications for all competitive exams, then check the previous year's assignments so you know what you are getting into.

2. Set Weekly Targets and Achieve them: 

You go to coaching because they regularly attend courses with a defined syllabus so that all relevant modules are properly covered. However, if you are performing self-study then you must need to fix your targets and achieve them. Moreover, it is highly recommended to set weekly targets and achieve them for your competitive exam preparation and check out your weekly scorecard on a weekly basis.

3. Be Positive & Confident:

In order to achieve success in every field you need to stay positive. Competitive exam preparation with lots of practice will surely help you to crack the exams. If you enjoy you preparation period, cracking these competitive exams will be a cakewalk for you. Moreover, it is necessary that you feel comfortable while you study. If you have an habit of waking up early in the morning, study in the morning or else you can also study late night with silence in your room and no one around.

4. Refer more on Study Materials:

To make your competitive exam preparation successful It is very important that you focus more on quality instead on quantity. You must focus on one particular book various times rather than focusing on more than one book. To clarify your concept in details you must pick a standard book and go through it several times. You must understand that these competitive exams are nothing but just a test of your knowledge and accuracy. Therefore, you must prepare for this exam very thoroughly.

5. Prepare a Daily Study Schedule:

When you are doing self-study, it is very important to have a set routine and the most important thing is to follow it properly without fail. Moreover, for competitive exam preparation you must follow a proper routine and must also keep a track of all of our preparations.

6. Take proper rest & sleep on time:

Studying alone can be stressful and boring at times, and if you can't even crack these examinations, it becomes more stressful. Find ways to de-stress yourself so that you can relax. Doing this will help you to freshen up and help you to retain things better. Make sure that you sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Without a healthy and focused mind, everything is useless and you cannot concentrate properly, resulting in poor knowledge retention and result.


Competitive exam preparation is all about strategy and perfect execution with accuracy. But this method works best only if you prepare yourself. The training centres are not only there for you, but for self-study, you can understand yourself better and learn accordingly. To crack a competitive exam with proper competitive exam preparation you just need to believe in yourself and follow a correct plan. Moreover, to pass competitive exams, you need to follow the habits of successful students.