Competitive Exam Tips – 5 Do’s & Don’ts of Students Before Doubt Resolving Session

Every student has a large number of questions regarding their subject. It can be a 10th class online test or free mock test practice or free online test series doubt resolving queries. Asking questions is one of the effective methods of learning. Studies have shown that asking effective questions is a very intelligent thing to do. Unfortunately, most students avoid raising questions in class because they fear being criticized or simply because they do not want to seem ‘illiterate.’

If you feel the same hesitation or have that feeling of being criticized then these are the following tips you should follow. 5 do’s and don’ts about asking questions regarding any doubt to resolve. These tips will help you to resolve your issues.

Now, we focus on the 5do’s which every student should do when they’re preparing for their 10th class online tests or online free mock tests.

5 DO’s for Every Doubt Resolving Session 

  1. To start with, make a note of your doubts which you want to resolve. In 10th class online tests or mock test papers, there are a lot of issues or doubts one can have. So it can be easily resolved by making notes.

Then you can go and ask your teacher about the problem and then he/she will help you out to solve the thing accordingly. If you don’t write down your concerns, then you won’t be able to get to know the solution. Hence, you keep making mistakes. So if you jot down the notes then you can easily work on it and can prepare for your boards with online free mock tests.

  1. Online mock tests or free online test series are the best options available for any students to know about their preparation. In these tests, there are a lot of problems or doubts. Tell your doubts to the teacher or the instructor. Therefore, they can give their suggestions to you regarding your doubt.
  2. Feel free to clarify your doubts about the free online test series with your teachers. They will definitely help you in need. Do not think that your classmates are of a higher standard academically. Everyone is working for the same goal as you are. So, there is no need to have an inferiority complex. Always keep a positive vibe and attitude.
  3. Always seek answers from various sources, whether it can be your teachers, or your parents, or friends, or brother or sister. Making use of many sources will help your learning process be more efficient and you can prepare for your 10th class exam in a proper manner.
  4. To put yourself in a stable state of mind and perform well in examinations, keep time for meditation regularly. Hence, you will be able to increase your concentration power which will help you have a healthy student life as a whole.

5 DONT’s for Every Doubt Resolving Session 

Now, we talk about the 5don’ts which every student should keep in mind when they’re preparing for their 10th class online tests or online free mock tests –

  1. When you are preparing for 10th class exams and preparing for any exam then you have to study properly and study well. Don’t go for last-minute preparation. Don’t put yourself in the worst situation.
  2. Do not eat during the mock test practice. Concentrate on the questions and solve them properly. It will help you to score well in your main examination.
  3. Do not compare yourself with anyone. You should always focus on your own work. Practice more to earn a good number in the actual examination. Each one of your classmates might have followed a different strategy. So, don’t look at it. You follow your own strategy and maintain your focus on the subject.
  4. Do not skip any of the class’s mock test practice. If you miss any of those then your continuity of the learning process will be disturbed. Moreover, you will not be able to cope up with the ongoing classes.
  5. Stop limiting your sources from which you can get proper solutions to your doubts. If your teachers or your friends are your ones and only resources for clearing doubts, then you will lose out on the depth of the subject’s knowledge. Instead of doing that, use several sources to learn about a topic and that makes you more flexible about the subject.

Some Final Words

To summarize, if you are open to interacting with your teachers regarding your doubts, the classroom becomes more dynamic and vibrant. Moreover, the teacher-student relationship develops, as a result of which the learning process becomes easier and fruitful. Teachers also feel excited when students ask them about any doubts from mock test papers and they are excited to tell them the answers. So keep practicing mock test papers, keep asking questions, and keep learning things.