How Mock Tests Can Help in Improving Memory During the Practice for Exams

Do you have any important exams just around the corner? If yes, then you must be feeling high levels of stress and anxiety. There is a lot to study, whether it is a board exam or a competitive exam.

The anxiety of exams along with the ongoing stress of everyday life can become overwhelming for students. Amongst all this, a lot of students find it difficult to remember the topics that they have studied.

One sure shot way to improve your memory is to opt for regular mock tests and practice sessions. Yes, we know that you might think the tests are just a way to evaluate what you learned.

Mock Test

However, did you know that taking more and more mock tests or online practice tests can help you in improving your memory?

How do mock tests help in improving memory before exams? 

1. Practice sessions or mock tests involve a lot of writing 

Now, this is a fact. Even though the mock test, practice sets are conducted online for exam preparation but they also involve a lot of writing as well.

For instance, you get the performance reports and you discuss them with your teacher. That includes writing things down and making notes.

Mock Test

Writing helps your brain to remember the concepts. This can be in any form. It can be simple text, charts, or even pictures.

You can also create a flow chart or mind map for lengthy concepts. This will break down the information into steps and help you remember the concept easily.

All these things happen when you take online exam preparation and evaluate your results.

2. Improves the capability to recall information 

When you take regular practice tests, it improves your capability to recall something from your memory. Not only that but you can also remember the information later on as well.

When any student takes repeated mock tests, it empowers the mind to go through the topics in different ways. Thus, students become used to remembering their preparations under multiple sets of practice sessions.

Practice Sessions

This is a great way to improving memory and remember what you are preparing for the exams.

3. Mock tests or practice sessions work as a keyword 

So, what do we mean by this? Let us help you understand in a simple way. When students take a lot of practice tests online, the brain automatically develops certain “keywords” for certain questions.

Practice sets lead learners to develop better keywords. These keywords are mental hints. You can also call them mediators.

Practice Sessions

For a keyword to be effective, the student has to be able to remember it when a certain question is given to them. As we have already mentioned before, repeated mock tests increase the capability to recall information, it enables students to recall similar keywords they have seen on other questions as well.

Thus, the memory remembers multiple questions by seeing a similar question. It works as a great memory exercise.

4. Multi-tasking improves attention 

When you take numerous mock tests for online exam prep, not only you are practicing what you have learned but also thinking and trying out new strategies, shortcuts, and tricks to become more efficient for the time-bound exams.

Muti Tasking

This is equal to multi-tasking for a brain. Whenever we multitask, it becomes important for us to concentrate on different things without making mistakes. This trains the mind to be high-performing and get better over a period of time.

5. Online exam preparation and mock tests helps you connect with a group 

You cannot ignore the importance of studying in a group. The same thing happens online. For instance, when you opt for mock tests for competitive exams in prep.Study, you connect with a network of expert teachers, parents, and students.

Online Mock Test

Thus, you get a chance to discuss your flaws and areas that needs improvement. You can learn something from teachers and fellow students as well. Connecting with a network of students in an online portal and discussing topics of study helps you to internalize concepts that you are struggling with.

Even when you share new concepts with other students online, it helps you to recall and remember what you’ve studied. Thus, online exam preparation and mock exams can help you in improving your memory.

6. Finally, Get Adequate Sleep 

At the end of the day, the countless hours spent studying are not worth it if you are not getting enough sleep. If you want to make the most out of your efforts and improve your memory, you have to get enough rest.

Without enough sleep, our brain cannot function properly and it reduces our ability to remember information. Did you know that only 11% of the students report sleeping well? It is thus clear that students need to make more effort to get a good night’s rest.

Wrapping Up 

There is no doubt that exam time stress is one of the most high-stress times of the year. Students have to keep up with the assignments along with the preparations for exams.

For those who want to improve their memory and reduce anxiety for online exam prep, these are some of the best hacks to improve your memory by practicing regular mock tests.

Right from taking notes, to discussion with your teachers and fellow students, these are the tactics you can use along with mock tests to improve their memory.