How Online Mock Tests Can Benefit Students? 7 Crucial Aspects of Taking Online Mock Tests

At present, technology has become the key to a new world of education. Online learning or e-learning is the most popular way to gain access to education. With increasing online studies, the online mock tests also help students prepare for competitive exams. There is no denying the fact that the competitive examinations are becoming tough every year. Students have to prepare for any challenge that comes on their way. These include:

  • Time Management
  • Answering Strategy
  • Change in Exam Patterns
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Variation in Cut-Offs

This is where the benefits of mock tests come in. The online mock tests offer a clear demonstration of what will be there in the actual examinations. Thus, it helps the candidate to get accustomed to the different aspects of the examination.

In recent years, there has been quite a lot of changes in the traditional practice tests. Practice sets have gone digital. Pen and paper have left the building quite some time ago. Online mock test or practice set is the new kid on the block.

The online mock tests are prepared by experienced teachers, and they are just like a trial exam before the actual final exam. We know that “practice makes a man perfect”. The online mock tests are the closest one can get to perfection before appearing for the actual exam.

Most of the competitive examinations these days are available as online mock tests. Students preparing all by themselves can also take opt for separate practice tests for evaluating their skills. The online mock tests come with their fair share of benefits.

Here are the following 7 crucial aspects of taking online mock tests.

1. Convenience is the Key

A lot of candidates that are preparing for the competitive exams are employed or they might be pursuing a certain course. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to clear their schedule to attend the physical classes and tests.

Online mock tests will save you the trouble of commuting to and from the test center. You can take the tests from the comfort of your home. Also, you can schedule your online mock test according to your convenience. In this way, your regular schedule remains intact.

2. Receiving Immediate Feedback

With online mock tests, students get immediate feedback just after they finish the exam. You won’t have to wait for a long time to get the results. Thus, you get ample time to analyze and identify your weaknesses and prepare to rectify them. Since the online mock tests are goal-oriented, any rookie mistakes that students may have overlooked, are highlighted. Also, students can identify their speed and focus on how to manage their time much more effectively.

3. Easier to Manage

With online mock tests, the whole process of conducting and managing the tests are easier. Since these tests grade themselves automatically, the time and effort of a teacher are reduced. You don’t need to photocopy the question papers in bundles. Also, you can customize the tests in different languages according to your choice. The results of online mock tests are stored within the learning management system. Thus, it saves time for both students and teachers of carrying answers. Also, the online tests are available on multiple devices.

4. Confidentiality

Online practice sets are secure and confidential. They are only available for the students, teachers, and parents. Unlike the traditional tests, the online mock tests are confidential. When you take an online test from your account, no one else can know the result apart from you. Thus, students will have the peace of mind and freedom to take a test online without facing any ridicule of their fellow aspirants. Therefore, the online mock tests not only help in a better performance but also boost their confidence.

5. Online Tests Allow Tracking the Progress

How does it happen? You take a test and feel that it was not good for you because you could have done better. So, you prepare for a couple more days and take the test once again. This time, you do a much better job. Your result bears the evidence. Now, you wonder, what was your score in the last ‘Reasoning’ section?

With a few clicks, you can check your previous performance for your exams. There is the fun of taking online mock tests. The results of the online mock tests are stored in the system. Thus, you can easily keep a tab on your previous scores. In this way, when you achieve a better score, you will feel happiness and peace of mind.

6. Online Mock Tests Allow You to Prepare for Multiple Tests

This is also another reason why you should opt for online mock tests. The traditional practices don’t have any scope to prepare for multiple exams. The reason is, these tests are a part of the respective preparatory course. You can prepare and give exams for one course at a time.

However, with online tests, you get evaluations for one of your exams, while you are giving an exam for another course. You can do multiple things simultaneously. Thus, you can easily prepare for multiple exams at one time. Also, it is easy to take separate exams in the online mock tests as well.

7. Feedback comes with improvement suggestions

Every time, when you get a wrong answer, think about what you’ve missed and go through the books frantically to locate the right answer. No need to go through this hassle when you are giving online mock tests. When you are giving online mock tests, you receive feedback along with recommendations for improvement.

The moment your answer is incorrect in an online test, you will automatically get the correct answer for your improvement. Thus, you get the scope of cross-checking your answers with the recommendations and get to know what was your mistake. In this way, you can prevent yourself from making the same mistake once again. These are 7 crucial aspects of taking online mock tests. These tests help you assess your level of preparation. Thus, mock tests should be attempted by any student preparing for board exams or individuals preparing for competitive exams as well. Right from the class 10 board exams to the UPPSC or GRE/GMAT, CAT every course has got an online mock test of its own. These online mock tests are highly beneficial to any individual who is looking to do well in all competitive exams.