How to Avoid Distractions During Your IIT/JEE Preparations

Is cracking the IIT/JEE your main goal in life right now? Are you putting your heart and soul into the preparation and still getting distracted? Don’t worry. It happens with almost every student.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are at home. They have to juggle through online coaching, school, and 10th class online tests for competitive exam preparation. All of this together can be very tiring.

Thus, it is very natural to get overwhelmed and get distracted, especially because you have a lot on your mind. We understand that preparing for competitive exam preparations like JEE/IIT can be taxing.

However, you cannot let it take a toll on your life, especially if you are really looking forward to a good score. Getting distracted will not only hamper your preparation but will also reduce your productivity.

If you are still not doing anything about it, it is high time to take some action because these distractions are blocking your road to success. There can be a lot of reasons to get distracted. These include lack of sleep, too much stress, restlessness, overdoing yourself, and more.

Instead of panicking about it, let us help you focus & eliminate it. Sounds good? To help you get rid of distractions and focus more on the NEET sample papers, we have made a list of tips.

1. Keep Your Phones Away 

Screens are a major distraction, especially smartphones. Not only in studies, but you cannot do any task peacefully if you have a smartphone around you.

The constant notifications will always bother you. And they are hard to resist. Thus, keep your phones at bay. The best way to avoid your phone during an online test exam is to turn it silent or simply switch it off.

Remember if you keep your phone close to you during the online test exam, or near you like under the pillow, your subconscious mind will still keep thinking about it. Thus, it is better to hand over your phone to your parents when you are giving a NEET sample paper.

2. Choose Your Study Space Carefully 

If you think that the place you choose for your study doesn’t really matter, then think again. Why? Because one of the major distractions could be your study room. Here are some things you have to consider before choosing the study space.

  • Select a space away from screens (TV, Laptop, Computer, or PlayStation)
  • Don’t study in a room with big windows because it is better to avoid visible distractions from the outside
  • Choose a room that is mostly not used, if possible with an attached washroom.
  • Keep the room occupied with basic needs like water, snacks, and stationery.
  • If you have younger siblings, it is better to lock the door from the inside.
  • Invest in a good noise-canceling headphone if you are easily distracted by little noise.

3. Pay Attention to Your Habits and Change Them Accordingly 

We cannot deny that all of us have some bad habits. Some of us are aware of it and some are not. You might find yourself going through social media for a long period on your phone. Some spend hours wasting watching TV. Some procrastinate during the preparation for the NEET sample paper.

All of these are bad behavioral patterns that need to change. Because all of these can lead to distractions during the preparation of JEE/IIT. You don’t need to panic. Just watch out for your actions and stop when you realize that you’re overdoing it.

4. Be Flexible in Your Study Strategy 

A lot of times you might lose interest in your study because the methods are not right. You have to be involved mentally and completely in your preparation. For this to happen, sometimes you have to change your methods of studying and taking 10th class online tests.

For instance, if you have been studying only the tough subjects, then you need to take a break and go easy to the medium-level subjects. This change will keep your mind refreshed and you shall be able to focus more on your studies.

5. Rethink About Your Goals and What You Want to Achieve 

If you badly want something, your aim has to be clear to achieve it. You’ll have a lot of time to think about it. Thus, it is better to not spend time on things you can do later on instead of missing out on your preparation.

Practice your 10th class online tests as much as possible. While doing that, remember to focus on all the 3 subjects of PCM or PCB. Make a timetable and your timetable for practicing competitive exam questions should include all the 3 subjects.

Wrapping Up 

Remember that patience is the key. You have to trust the process of online test exams and divide your days accordingly to make the most of your preparation. Divide the topics into categories. This will help you more in your preparation for competitive exam questions.

In the end, be ready to seek guidance and help from expert teachers. At Prep.Study you shall have recommendations from experience and certified teachers who are available to clear your doubts during your preparation for the competitive exam questions.