How to Handle Anxiety/Stress During IIT-JEE Preparation like a Pro

When it comes to entrance exams, there is no denying that IITJEE is one of the most troublesome ones. The main reason is, it needs years of preparation and dedication. Lakhs of students wait for this exam every year so that they can get admitted to renowned IIT colleges.

With the competitive exams, come the stress, anxiety, and fear that can cause too much trouble for even a bright student. We know that this is one of the most crucial exams for any student. It means a lot to you.

However, what could be the JEE Main questions – this thought should not take a toll on your mental health. This is why we have brought you some tips that will help you deal with the anxiety and fear before competitive exams like a pro.

1. Take a Lot of Mock Tests 

This is one of the most important things to help you deal with stress. You must be thinking about how mock tests can help you with anxiety? It’s simple, the more free mock test for NEET you take, the higher will be your efficiency.

You shall become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Try this – sit in a room with no distractions, set the timer, and start your 10th class online test. This will help you manage time and you shall know which areas you need to improve.

Keep a track of the number of JEE Main questions you could answer in the free mock test for NEET. Also, check the ones you missed. Analyze the paper thoroughly, which questions were challenging for you, the ones that were easy, and the ones you couldn’t do.

Once you know your position, you will feel much more confident about the JEE Main questions. Thus, it will help you deal with stress or anxiety.

2. Avoid Interacting with Anxious Family Members or Peers 

When your competitive exams are near, it is quite natural that you will be thinking about the exams. Thus, it is the best time to avoid too much interaction with anxious peers. Because that will increase the stress.

There are a lot of students who are not well prepared enough for the JEE Mains question or the free mock test for NEET. They start to panic. They stress themselves and also others around them. There will be some parents who are more interested in what other students are doing instead of focusing on their own child.

Considering all of these, it is better to avoid interactions to maintain sanity and peace of mind.

3. Take Breaks 

When you study for hours, you shall feel exhausted in a very short time. This will make you feel overwhelmed. You won’t be able to focus. To make sure you’re being productive, it is better to take short breaks. This could be a 30-minute break after every 2 hours of study.

4. Having Realistic Expectations 

There are a lot of students who don’t use their time as they should and then start to panic just before the exams. Remember that you cannot simply memorize JEE Main questions. And also, that is not the way to prepare for the competitive exams.

If you are facing a problem on one topic of a subject, don’t waste your time in trying to understand the topic again and again. Take mock tests and 10th class online tests on the subjects that you understand well. In this way, you will be better prepared.

5. Talk to Your Parents, Teachers, and Friends

Remember that preparing for competitive exams like JEE/IIT is not always sunshine & rainbows. However, that doesn’t mean that you shall keep your problems to yourself. Talk to your parents, teachers, and friends.

Share what is bothering you and pay attention to the advice you get. Remember don’t just study to get marks but to gain knowledge. It is important to believe in yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Think for the best. When you start letting negative thoughts affect your mental health, it starts to affect every aspect of your life. And not only just JEE Main questions but you will also feel pressured in any situation in life and won’t be able to fight back.

6. Don’t Ask Your Friends About Their Preparation 

This is something you should never do, especially if you want to avoid any anxiety or stress before the competitive exams. When you ask your friends about their preparation, you might feel anxious if they have covered more syllabus than you.

Also, if they are getting more marks than you in the 10th class online test, then too, you might start to feel anxious. The same thing is applicable when someone asks you about your preparations. Simply say that it is going well and no need to dig in further.

Wrapping Up 

All things said and done, here are some facts that you should NOT do for better preparation for competitive exams like JEE/IIT.

  • Focusing only on the important topics and not the whole syllabus.
  • No strategy of your own to study
  • Not giving a free mock test for NEET or giving too many mock tests
  • Not creating short notes
  • Studying from too many references

Remember that when competitive exams are approaching, just like you, a lot of students are worried about their preparation as well.

There is nothing to be worried about it. A lot of students find it hard to stay motivated. But with some tips and a bit of focus, you are good to go for the competitive exams. These tips will help you deal with anxiety like a pro.