IIT-JEE Preparation Tips for Teachers to Help Introvert Students

The title of this blog might seem a bit weird to you. Every student is a student. So why should we separate students into introverts and extroverts? Let us tell you why.

Being an introvert or an extrovert is the nature of an individual. And every student has their own nature. Now, an introvert is someone who likes to be alone, gets uncomfortable in working with other people in group assignments or studies.

Also, he/she is not very much responsive in classes. Introverts don’t ask too many questions for competitive exam preparation because they are hesitant, especially when they are surrounded by a lot of students. However, this doesn’t mean that an introverted student is not paying attention in classes.

An introverted student may be shy or hesitant by nature but he/she is equally focused to crack IIT-JEE or NEET through online test exams on JEE Main questions. But somehow they get stuck due to their introverted nature. Now, the question is, what can such a student do to excel in IIT-JEE  preparation.

It is true that preparing for JEE Main questions is not easy and students have to put on a lot of hard work. Introverted students need special attention from their parents and teachers to help them in competitive exam preparation.

Here is how a teacher and a parent can help introverts to prepare for the JEE Main questions.

1. Online Coaching Classes 

Since introverted students are not comfortable in offline classes for competitive exam preparation, it is better for them to set up online classes. They can attend all the classes from the comfort of their homes. Online classes will also help them to clear their doubts without worrying about what others will think about them.

Now, this is where a teacher and also the parent has to step in to help the introverted student. As a parent, you have to arrange the setup for online coaching classes and make an appointment with the teacher so that your child can study in the best possible way. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to help out a kid as much as possible.

Thus, it comes in the form of a collaborative activity where you can help an introverted student reach his/her full potential.

2. One-to-One Learning Sessions 

There is nothing better than one on one learning sessions after online test exams, especially for an introverted student. Since an introverted student is not comfortable in an environment of a lot of students, it helps them when they can have a one-to-one interaction with the teachers.

As a teacher, this is again where you have to take care of the student. Collaborate with his/her parents and arrange for one-to-one sessions so that the students can get the complete attention of the teacher. In this way, the introverted student can learn in a much more efficient way.

The main reason why we are asking the teachers and parents to come together and take active involvement is that not every student can prepare in the same way. Some can get comprehend a topic amidst the presence of 20 other students, while there are other students who need one-to-one interaction.

Every student has their own requirements for competitive exam preparation. And ensuring every student gets the fair chance to prepare in the best way they can, is the job of both the parent and the teacher.

3. Stop Comparing 

This is true for every student. One of the major mistakes that parents and sometimes even teachers do is comparing one student with another. No two students are the same. The same preparation strategy cannot be applicable for each and every student.

Thus, comparing only the performance of students simply on their online test exams is not right especially for JEE Mains question. It is also important to give them a fair chance and environment for preparation.

One of the most important things about introverts is, they don’t like being compared to others. Introvert students learn best when they are addressed individually. Yes, online test exams are a great way to address their preparation but to present them with the ideal testing scenario, it is better not to compare them with others.

 Some Final Words 

Parents have a vital role to play here. A lot of parents are not aware of the introverted nature of their children because such students behave normally at home. However, you have to check the behavior of your child in school and coaching classes for JEE Main questions. This will help in identifying and understanding the personality of your child and making decisions based on that for competitive exam preparation.

On the other hand, a teacher needs to pay special attention to online test exams of introverted students. Remember that you cannot force them to engage if they are not willing to on their own. Being a teacher, you can talk to them in private and ask them if they have doubts or any difficulty in learning in class among other students.

Being a parent or a teacher, there is no harm in helping a student to learn the value of connecting with the extroverted world.

However, it is also important to not force them to be an extrovert. They should never feel that being an introvert is a bad thing and needs to be overcome for competitive exam preparation. It is who they are they can achieve great things in life just like any other student.