Online Test Exam: Everything you need to know about Online Exams

The invention of advanced technologies has rapidly digitized all the services and offerings, moving them to the online platforms for online test exam. With the excessive use of high-speed Internet and laptops, the demand of these latest technologies has enabled a smooth transformation to the online ecosystem. Most of the Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions have developed themselves and modified them to the Learning Management Systems (LMSs), where the Institution management can track reports, Administers and check out the documents shared with the students. This modern way of teaching eases a balanced approach toward providing excellent knowledge and an easy ranking of the candidates. The main objective to conduct these online test exams is to make sure that the test givers can undertake the shift of pattern from offline to online method. Nowadays, the Online Industry is growing at a rapid rate, and some of the important factors like scalability, convenience, customization, and increased reach are framing its adoption. Traditional evaluation approach is now advancing saturation and would become outdated soon.

Benefits of conducting Online Test Exam

1. Reduced Strategic Inconvenience:

Online test exams help to overcome the challenges faced during physical examination centres, reducing down resources necessities. In various Colleges & Universities, Online Test Exam quicken up the entire admission process, whatever applications will be screened with bare resources. The idea of conducting semester-wise exams and several assessments online provides easiness and consistency to the entire process.

2. Availability to Remote Areas:

Online Test Exams have broken all the natural obstructions and enabled a broader reach and involvement. Global Assessments guide various Universities, Colleges, and other educational sectors, allowing them to conduct assessments easily. With the just use of electronic gadgets and an Internet connection, the power to conduct online tests provides availability and extends to Online test exams.

3. Highly Expandable:

Online Test Exam can serve a larger audience and can easily manage huge content. Keeping these features in mind, Many of the Educational Institutions are facing shortage of time which they would find extremely difficult to manage exams with lower bandwidth wastage. Moreover, a desktop or a laptop with proper Internet connection and a webcam helps to conduct these Online test exams smoothly.

4. Auto Classified Reports:

The Automatic reports perform manual correction and saves important working hours. An Online test exam report is an overall way to a student’s performance, with section-wise and question-wise summary of the attempts taken, time-consumed and the difficulty level of the exam. Detailed reports also help those students who are looking forward for a career guidance. With these reports students understand their competencies better.

5. Supports Multiple-Choice Questions:

In an Online Test Exam various forms of tests are being taken which includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Short Answers, Fill in the blanks, Case Studies, etc. Online test exam platforms provide application-based questions and knowledge, which allows the examiner to prepare a test with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

How are Online Test Exams are been Conducted?

Here are the following steps on how an Online Test Exams are been conducted:
  1. The examination environment is being setup, then all the questions are being uploaded to the Online sheets by the examiner. MS Integration is being performed at this stage and the reports are being structured.
  2. The lists of Candidates data are then uploaded on the Online Platform, Time-slots are been set, then the links of Online test exams are being sent to the appearing candidates.
  3. Then the candidate logs in to the portal using their login id and password and then they perform a three-step authentication. Then the candidates appear for their Online test exam.
  4. Once the candidates submit the exam, it is then Auto-checked for a real time report generation which is then later customized and shared to the candidates via Email in the PDF format.