Online Test Exams – Is Your Child Learning in the Best Way from His/Her Tuition Classes?

The concept of private tuition is to teach privately beyond what is taught in schools or colleges. Private tuition is mostly received in a small group or separately, arranged and paid for by a person and not the state. Private tutoring for competitive exam preparation is becoming increasingly popular.

This is hardly surprising as it is particularly effective in improving not only a student’s academic grades but also their practical understanding of a wide range of subjects. A good tutor will be able to take this into account and be a great benefit to a student.

Private tuition has become a way to make children climb up the ladder of success smoothly. In schools, there are a lot of children and it is not possible for the teachers to give equal attention to everyone.

But on the other hand, with private tuition every child gets the same attention and doubts rectified multiple times. 7 out of 10 parents send their children for private tuition. Either for particular subjects or all. They’re paying extra tuition fees hoping that it will help in making a difference in their child’s academic grades and performance.

We all want to be successful and make the most of our lives. This includes jobs, relationships, parenthood, studying (for students), and tuition when it comes to tutors. If you are looking for a private tutor for competitive exam preparation of your kid, then the one question that will come to your mind is–

Is my child making the most of his/her tuition?

And you could not find the answer to this. So, today we bring you an article that will help you in figuring out if your child’s private tuition is right for him/her or they need something else.


Feedback is very important in private tuition. Like how much your child is learning you’ll get to know that from your child’s tutor. Your child’s tutor keeps you updated about your child’s performance.

It’s a sign that the tutor is paying attention to your child and is involved in their learning process. Often parents rely on children for feedback but this needs to stop. When you talk to the private tutor, you get to know what topics have been covered. Also, you know how your child is performing during the competitive exam preparation. Arranging direct feedback will help you in communicating your expectations. It will also make you more aware of your child’s progress.

Whether your child is stressed with both school and tuition or not?

On average, a child spends 7-8 hours in school including travel. So, after spending this much time in school, it is likely that your child already gets tired. If a student is taking private tuitions and mock test practice for 1 or 2 hours every day after school, he/she will get bored.

Therefore, your child might feel restless and demotivated to study at all, chances are instead of making the most of their tuition, they might actually start underperforming. Thus, it will not be the fault of the tutor.

Make sure that your child’s tuition schedule is a bit flexible. Instead of taking daily classes or mock test papers, you can ask the tutor to take classes on alternate days. In this way, your child will not feel the pressure of mock test papers because he/she will have a lot of time to balance study & play.

Does the tutor clarify your child’s doubts?

All the private tutors will not give similar mock test practice. They have their unique ways, just live every child has their own way of studying. Finding the right tutor can be a tricky job if you do not understand your child’s needs. You can ask the tutor to visit for a private class.

You can also visit one or two classes just to have an idea of how the teacher teaches. This will help you know how the teacher explains a concept before the online test exam. This will save you a lot of time.

Few tips to find the perfect tutor for your child

  1. Qualifications – A background check is a must before selecting a tutor for your child.  This criterion is important if you are seeking a teacher who specializes in a certain subject of online test exams.
  2. Experience – When it is about the experience of the private tutor, it is not easy to judge, especially when you are meeting them face to face for the first time. What you can do is ask for their experience letter or certifications on which they say that they specialize.

  1. Personality – Always lookout for a person who is friendly and has a lot of patience. Sometimes if a kid has a bad experience with a school teacher for being rude, he/she might have that perception of the private tutor as well. Thus, it is important to hire someone who would motivate and encourage your child instead of criticizing him during online test exams.
  2. Flexibility & Convenience – Nowadays both children and parents have busy schedules. And keeping up with the “after-school commitments” could make them struggle a bit. So, you should consider a local tutor who stays near your home. It will be easy for both your child and you to visit. And if you’re preferring a home tutor, opt for an online tutor, as they come with more flexibility.