Proactive Parenting – The Key to a Student’s Success in Competitive Exams

For a student, no one can be the biggest well-wisher than his/her parents. In their own way, every parent wishes their children to be successful, especially when it comes to academics.

Parents try to make sure that their kids get everything they want and they try hard to provide them with the “Best”. This best ranges from the food, clothing, schooling, and higher education as well.

When it comes to education, parents tend to get worried a lot, especially throughout the schooling phase. And it increases when the student reaches the phase of competitive exams.

You cannot deny that a lot of Indian parents still want their kids to become an engineer or a doctor. And that is great! Thus, to want their kids to be at the top of their profession, they extend all sorts of support.

We all know that every year so many students appear for many entrance tests that take place in India. However, very few of them make it to the list of qualified students.

Making it to the final list of selected students in JEE and NEET and getting admitted to India’s best engineering and medical colleges is nothing less than a battle for students.

And they cannot win it unless they have the complete support of their parents.

Yes, it is true that for the parents, it is hectic to see their child go through so many challenges for the exams. During exam time, a lot of students face night cram sessions, get into unhealthy eating habits and face a lot of stress.

Thus, parents have a vital role to play. Good parenting can help students to get good ranks in competitive exams like JEE & NEET.

Why Proactive Parenting Matters So Much?

The most common mistake that any student makes during an online exam prep or mock test is to only look up to their teachers. They believe that teachers are the only ones that can help them in becoming successful.

Students have a tendency to believe that whatever they have learned comes from the teachers only. Students tend to overlook that application of concepts is also important along with learning.

They can achieve this with self-study and practice.

This is where proactive parenting comes in. Once the student gets into the habit of learning through mock tests and practice sessions, only parents can inculcate the habit of self-discipline and self-study.

As a parent, you cannot expect teachers to somehow miraculously get your child to listen to the instructions. That is not fair. Here is how proactive parenting helps.

How Proactive Parenting Can Help Your Child During Competitive Exams?

Parents can be much more proactive in helping their children learn characteristics and principles which will help them increase their chances of success in competitive exams.

Here are some tips to become a proactive parent.

1. Think and identify your expectations

When it comes to the learning habits and schedules of your child it is crucial to think and identify your expectations. The expectations that you have from your child about their competitive exam results play a vital role in their preparation and success.

 2. Talk to them about your expectations

This will not keep them “guessing” that what do their parents expect from them when it comes to the results of competitive exams. Do not forget to let him/her know how important it is for their academic success.

 3. Try and ignite your child’s curiosity

You can do this in different ways possible. For instance, you can encourage them to research in different ways through daily life activities. Do not let them wonder about something. Show them how to search for something. The more they research their academics, the better will be their performance in competitive exams.

 4. Information beyond the classroom is important

Make sure that you feed your child with some additional information that is beyond the classroom learning sessions and practice sessions of the competitive exams. Yes, we know that not every parent can know every detail of the academics of their kids.

However, you can try and learn more about the subjects and get information. You can do this by connecting with the network of parents and teachers through Prep.Study. This will help you know more about different subjects of the competitive exams of your child and you can discuss different things with them.

 5. Positive feedbacks matters!

This is one of the most important things about parenting. To motivate your kids while preparing for competitive exams, you have to let them know when they did well in their mock tests or practice sessions. Praising your child for their good performance boosts confidence and also builds the child’s morale.

Remember that it is important to be consistent with your reactions to the actions of your child. Only you can make sure that your parenting is based on creating a well-adjusted and happier environment that enhances the morale of a child during the competitive exams.