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Why Prep.Study

Easy to Use

Prep.Study is easy to use - just sign up and get started. With just a few clicks, teachers can assign curated exams to their students or create their own questions and assessments. Exams can be given at the topic/ sub-topic/ subject level or as full-length mock tests.

Monitor Students Progress

See where your students rank and compare their performance with students all across India.

Get and Share The Reports

Review the performance of your students. Share your feedback with students and their parents as well. You can keep the parents in the loop and help them to monitor their child’s progress. This way you can encourage your students to learn and practice more.

Create Assessments in Various Languages [Coming Soon]

With Prep.Study you can create customized assessments in your preferred language. Your students can take examinations in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and other supported languages for state-level board examinations.

Join Millions of Teachers and Students All Over India

Being a free online platform for practice tests for board and competitive exams, Prep.Study enables teachers to join a large network of other teachers dedicated to empowering students. Along with a seamless omnichannel platform, we also offer our teachers customized resources to help the learners in establishing a strong foundation. We are working with tutors, school teachers, and academic institutions to create a free platform that will help students achieve better results in examinations.


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