Tips for Taking Online Exams – How to Have the Best Experience, Especially for a Beginner

With evolving technology, the education system has also evolved a lot nowadays. Instead of paper-based examinations, educational institutions are opting for online exams. Most of the competitive exams these days are online. Also, some of the board exams are being conducted online as well.

While it is easier for some of the students to accept and learn about the evolving online exam patterns, for some students it can be a bewildering experience. And that is fine. A lot of students who are not familiar with the new mode of exams have a fear of losing marks due to a lack of confidence in taking online tests.

This article is dedicated to all of you who are taking online tests for the first time. Reading this blog will help you with tips to have the best experience while giving online tests. You can attempt any online exams or online mock tests with confidence.

How to have the best experience while taking online mock tests?

Whether you are appearing for an online exam or taking an online mock test, the good news is the steps are similar to the traditional paper tests or in-class tests. Yes, the online environment does present some differences where you would require some additional awareness. In the following section, we will help you in taking an online mock test.

1. Getting Familiarized

First things first, you have to be familiar with the online examination patterns. For that, you have to get used to the online computer-based exams. This is where the importance of online mock tests comes in. Online mock tests are identical to actual online exams. you shall learn to manage your time and speed which is needed for better performance. Also, the online mock tests will help you analyze your performance to have better insights into your strength and weaknesses.

2. Prepare Well

Whether it is an online examination or a traditional pen/paper exam, you have to be prepared well. However, when it comes to online examinations, they are multiple-choice questions. Thus, you need to have a good understanding of the concept otherwise it will be difficult for you to choose the right question.

Also, the online examinations are scheduled to be completed within a certain time. Thus, you have to be thorough with the concepts. Once again, the online mock tests can help you practice more and fine-tune your performance. The more you practice with online mock tests, the better you become for your actual online exam.

3. Listen to the Instructions

Every exam comes with its own set of guidelines. Thus, you have to pay attention to the guidelines and follow them while appearing in the online exam. In case of any doubt, you can always approach the instructor. Also, when you practice for the online exams using the online mock tests, you will see that the instructions and exam pattern is similar to the mock tests. Thus, you won’t have any problem at all even if you are appearing for the first online exam.

4. DO NOT leave the test page

For most of the online exams, you will not be allowed to do an online search. However, for some exams, you may be allowed. Now, if you are allowed to do an online search, do not use the same tab for the online search. You might lose all your work and have to start afresh once again. Instead, open a new tab and do your search.

5. Don’t panic about technical faults

While the online exams are ongoing, there could be some technical issues due to which the system might stop working. Do not panic because the exam organizers will always keep backup provisions to handle such technical issues. Hence, you can relax and focus on the exam. When such technical problems come up, there are buffer computers offered to candidates to complete the exams.

6. Save Your Attempt

This is important to remember when you are appearing for an online exam. Click on the ‘save’ button after choosing the right option. If you don’t save the answer, it will be marked as ‘un-attempted’ and you will lose marks even when you have made the correct choices.

You might see a lot of candidates finish all the questions and then click on save once for all. However, it is better not to do that because you might forget to click on save in the end and fail the exam. Thus, save your answer every time when you are sure about your choice. Make sure to double-check your answer before saving it.

7. Wait for the page to download completely

Patience is important when you are giving an online exam. Wait for a few moments to allow the page in downloading completely. If it doesn’t load completely, you might miss a few questions. If you answer an incomplete paper, it will affect your overall marks and you will end up getting less than what you had the potential to score.

8. Use a good spot

Now, this is only applicable when you are giving online exams at home. You can appear for a lot of online competitive exams from home as well. If it is your first time, make sure you are away from any distractions like phones, TV, social media, and all other notifications are turned off. If you have kids or pets, then get them settled ahead of time or find someone to take care of them. Gather all the elements you need including notebooks, pens, rough sheets to work out mathematical problems.

These are the facts that you can keep in mind before appearing at an online examination. These tips will help you have a confident mindset for an online test, especially if you are giving it for the first time. Take as many online mock tests as possible because it will help you prepare for the computer-based online exams in the right way. Prepare yourself thoroughly and you will not have any difficulty in clearing the online examinations, even if it is the first time.